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About Us

Evefreys.com is a Cameroon based e-commerce market place created in 2020. Evefreys is a Cameroonian startup that sees a lot of potential in the Cameroonian eCommerce industry and is ready to put in the work needed to bring eCommerce to the common person in Cameroon. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the online buying and selling experience in Cameroon. In this digital age, we believe that your physical location should not limit where you sell your products, neither should it limit where you can shop. Evefreys.com is a platform that seeks to do the following:

1) Enable Merchants to securely list and sell their products online to the Cameroonian market

2) Allow our customers to securely shop varieties of products 24/7 from the comfort of their homes at affordable prices

3) Give Cameroonian vendors and manufactures an alternative to selling in physical stores or warehouses

In so doing we seek to encourage commerce in our dear fatherland. We will share our knowledge and experiences with our Merchants, Customers and Communities as we work to play our part in the advancement of eCommerce in Cameroon. 

Our Values

Customer first mentality, Integrity, Inclusion and Diversity, Innovative, Trusted Business Partner

Our Team

We are a team of dedicated tech-savvy individuals who are committed to advancing the online buying and selling experience in Cameroon. We will strive to attract and retain top talents to serve our customers and partners.